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Business Intelligence System is aimed at providing thorough, comprehensive and deep analysis of the data stored in the data warehouse of the Higher Education Institution. The generated reports are built from data fields available in different tables over periods of times and based on linking, associating, and analyzing the data to give higher management tools to aid and support their planning activities and decision making processes. This system emerged as a result of the accumulated expertise of the company in the areas of HMIS for Higher Education sector, which resulted in accumulating huge amounts of spatial data, and availing it to analysis and inference to aid in planning and decision making of the institution. Some of the features are:


  • Provides a common database for all data available in the institution regardless of the source of this data, which simplifies processes of building reports and analysis of integrated information about the institution.
  • Identifies inconsistencies and errors in the data (if exist), and resolves them before they are loaded to the data warehouse which help in simplifying the making and analysis of reports.
  • Provides quick data retrieval without slowing down operating systems (the registration system, financial … etc).
  • Utilizing standard open environment based on Oracle Data Warehouse, which is provided with functionalities and analytical procedures (OLAP).