Consultation Services

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Consultation Services

Adaptive TechSoft offers a full spectrum of software consulting and development services. We offer total solutions, both on-site and off-site, around our core strength of business management solutions. This approach allows for planned growth along with product development where necessary to meet customer requirements. Each of the services offered is designed to complement each other and is tailor-made for individual clients.

Business Development

We created a Business development Unit to identify new business opportunities whether that means new markets, new partnerships with other businesses, or new ways to reach existing markets, or new product or service offerings to better meet the needs of existing markets. Business Development Unit shall be attention to commercial-minded and customer-focused. Business Development Unit Formulates and implements policies and strategies for the growth of the organization’s business and development.


Since its inception,  our company has maintained the philosophy that a high-quality product should be backed with excellent customer service. Customer support is extremely important to us, and we firmly believe that we provide a superior level of service versus other business management software vendors.  We start by providing a year of technical support as part of our basic package and according to the support agreement you sign with us. This includes technical issues as well as the “How To” type questions users often have when implementing something new. Support also includes product updates, form creation, report generation, etc. based on the type of service agreement you sign with us.


We believe a software product is only as good as the training you receive from your supplier. The amount of satisfaction each customer has is directly related to the amount of education a company receives on the product(s) they purchase. We pride ourselves on providing experienced trainers who can educate you on all the products we sell. We can provide individualized training at your site or in a classroom setting with other users at our main office. Give us a call and talk to us to discover how we can customize training to meet your needs.