Oracle is a company with innovation and excellence. It is one of the first companies that had activated their own administrative applications to operate over the Internet. Oracle Corporation is committed to ensuring that all their software applications designed to work together in a coherent and shared with other companies and other systems analysts; as this proves that the path which is used by Oracle Corporation is the path of correct and prompt.

VEPRO Company founded in 1981 one of the largest information technology companies to provide solutions and software applications in the medical field, with solutions provided by the company VEPRO as a reliable and high efficiency. The things and the ways that helped to set VEPRO and continuing success is its employees, who number over 100 employees and distribution partners on many parts of the world’s more than 120 partner specialists to meet the requirements and needs of a wide information technology regarding the need for hospital technology.

UKS is a leading company in the Middle East in providing learning solutions, and as a result of its continued during several years of experience in the areas of education and training. UKS exploit its expertise and high strategic partnerships with major providers of educational services and technology to provide a comprehensive range of educational products and services that serve Schools (K – 12), higher education and government sectors and companies.

Emitac company formed in 1974 to meet the needs of the Arab world growing at a fast pace. Today it is a multifaceted company, provide the UAE, Syria, Jordan, Qatar and Bahrain with the latest technology and services.