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  over ten IHE Modules

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King Saud University

eRegister achieved a great success in the largest university in Saudi Arabia. It was tested and applied for two consecutive semesters successfully without significant errors. the system deals with more than (70.000) students in different geographic locations. They were able to do various operations such as registration, dropping courses as well as accessing results of these courses. this experience was a quantum leap in the field of information technology allowing all of their transactions via Internet from anywhere.

Al Noor Specialist Hospital

After implementing careware system in AL Noor Specialist Hospital in Makkah, which covers all the activities and operations that are related to information management in health sector, such as the clinics, appointments and pharmaceutical management, insurance companies, medical stores and warehouses. Also, it is used to archive X-rays images in PAX system. The administration of the hospital has became more flexible and fast in patients services which led to increase the level of service. The system proved its value, it deals with approximately (2.8 million) transaction per year. It is noteworthily that the total capacity of the hospital is (500) bed and it serves about (569.000) patient per year.

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