[servicefa items_per_row=”1″] [itemfa title=”Feeder System” icon=”icon1″ color=”#000000″ seq=”Yes” a_fffect=”” style_bg=”” background=”” border=”1px solid undefined”] The Feeder System is a middleware software application that aims at providing communication channels between the Higher Education Institutions and the Regulating body or Higher Education Ministry at any country. Those channels are supposed to provide the media to transfer data from the MIS at the institutions and feeding them to the central data warehouse repository at the Ministry, following the specifications, formats for specific data items based on a predefined calendar of events defining the due dates (starting and ending) for each of the requirements. The system provides mechanisms and applies procedures to process the incoming data from universities, normalizes the data, mapping the basic data items/parameters to a national standard coding scheme producing a uni-coded data ready for analysis eliminating the variations and different codes followed by each individual institution. This process eliminates the requirements for recoding the universities MIS parameters. The data are also checked against consistency, regularity, errors or any defects that might be in the data, the erroneous data is transferred back to the university which will be corrected and resent, this error validation process is iterated until the data is completely correct and clean. The collected data is kept in the data warehouse, where the Business Intelligence System is integrated. The system will produce analytical reports, statistics and graphical representations (charts) are also produced. Key Performance Indicators are measured on the collected data, to check for quality and maintain the quality assurance standards. This process main objective is to provide higher management in the sector with an aid for their decision making process and future planning activities. [/itemfa][/servicefa]